Welcome to real agile

real agile” is a blog that I started today to begin to write about implementation of agile methodologies in projects which are serious about their outcomes each for each iteration of work. Through this blog, I will try to put in my experiences of transforming teams from traditional methodologies to the Agile way of working. This blog will also cover mainly the Scrum framework of Agile, roles of team members in Agile, and more advanced topics such as scaling Agile within an organization. The blog intends not to be a rule book by which Agile must be implemented or followed but rather, a set of guidelines derived from real experiences.

As you would know, while the Agile manifesto specifies ground rules of how projects should implement Agile, in reality organizations worldwide, and specifically in India (since I live and work here) are yet to derive the maximum benefit out of implementing Agile in a result oriented manner. There are a good set of companies in India that are executing Agile with self organized teams, but there are many more who need to know how to use the nuances that Agile specifies and inspect and adapt along the way.

I hope the articles in this blog are used for teams to adopt Agile and execute the projects towards outcome driven iterations.

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