Capacity & Velocity — is there a connection?



Being a new methodology, Agile obviously comes with its own terminologies and nomeclatures. But these are not necessarily something that we already do not understand.

What is needed is for our minds to understand the mapping of what terms mean in the new methodology to what it meant in the older ones we used. We will discuss Capacity & Velocity today, which are two important but not difficult to understand terms we need to know when it comes to implementing Agile within our teams.

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The formality called ‘Agile Ceremony’



For people coming in from different methodologies, the word ceremony may sound very formal while entering Agile. However what it really means is that Agile as a process, recommends certain checkpoints where the work progress can be measured, and course corrections can be taken in order to enable the team to still chase the sprint goal.

The Agile methodology recommends the following ceremonies.

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Kicking old habits to unlearn



When you hear someone tell you their team is ‘moving to agile’ the first thing one tends to ask them is — ‘oh really? so from now you are all going to be agile isn’t it ? Cool !’

This question stems from a bit of surprise that the person asking the question either does not seem to understand what Agile is going to significantly change for the team in question, or it could be just plain sarcasm of otherwise putting it as ‘Ok, so you are agile — how’s that gonna alter anything in what you do? It’s just another jargon in the industry’.

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Buy in from senior management


Following one of the known Agile frameworks such as Scrum, or Kanban within a team is an easy decision to make compared to doing the same thing at a division or organization level.

The moment the notion of the whole division going Agile is envisaged, there are lots of complications that immediately present themselves in front of us. Basic questions may stump organizations towards this kind of move.


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